RE: Alan Arthur Anjozian

To whom it may concern;

In regards to the "suspension" issue:

A company I owned was a shareholder in an Insurance Brokerage for a period of 7 years with another shareholder who is a non lawyer. This non-lawyer was a Licensed Insurance Broker sophisticated in contracts and business dealings. We both worked and developed the business through talented hard work. The other shareholder alleged I was his lawyer and that I failed to “fully” disclose all the terms to him, a client, of which a lawyer must disclose. I claimed I did and retained an expert in the area of Professional Ethics to render an opinion as to my compliance. The expert concluded that my disclosures in their entirety coupled with the circumstances surrounding the transaction did impart “full disclosure.” My choice was to settle the case or try the issue and let the State Bar Court decide. After many years of fatigue on this issue, both emotional and financial, I decided to settle the matter. I stipulated that I did not “fully” disclose the terms of the relationship. I am still puzzled about how I could have “fully” disclosed as I believe there were an infinite amount of terms that can be alleged was not disclosed. A major factor in my motivation to settle was due to the fact that I do not practice law and the resulting suspension would have no impact on my ability to make a living.

I am happy it is over now after having dealt with this matter for years.

The actual suspension will be lifted in 6 months from 9/28/2007.